Lebron James Opens "The I Promise" School

LeBron James is a name that became an anthem in the field of American professional basketball. He has proven yet again why he is a superhero to not just African Americans, but also many others around the world.

About the man

Hailing from a humble background, this man had a lot of challenges to overcome through his journey to becoming one of the best basketball players the world has seen. His young mother had to struggle to find work and support the family. As they moved from apartment to another in Ohio to be able to afford their living, his mother came to terms with the fact that for LeBron to have a life she dreamed for him, he had to have the support of a stable family. And that was something that she couldn’t give him right then.

That was how at the tender age of nine, the little black boy from Akron moved in with the family of a local football coach who was kind enough to take him in. Coach Walker introduced LeBron to basketball, and he has never looked back since. Growing step by step through the ranks of the game, this talented young teen made it to the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball and led his team to victory.

When he joined the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School several eyebrows were raised. And even there, he made his presence felt as a rising sports star excelling at basketball as well as football. Afterwards, he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers as a prep-to-pro basketball player, and the rest is history! Though this sounds like rags to riches tale, it sure wasn't. And what's most touching about his journey is that he has never forgotten his roots.

The “promise” he made

LeBron has always strived to give back to the society. In fact, he has always tried to use his celebrity status to bring about a positive change in the world. Not only does he vociferously oppose the racist forces threatening the delicate harmony of the nation, but he also contributes generously to several charity and non-profit organizations that help educate children from low-income backgrounds. Just this year, his LeBron James Family Foundation opened the I Promise School in partnership with Akron Public Schools.

By welcoming these 240 at-risk children into this school, LeBron gave them a promise – that their tuition, uniforms, breakfast, lunch and snacks, and transportation will all come free of any charges. They will also be given a bicycle with a helmet for free, and once they graduate, the kids will have seats waiting for them at the University of Akron. The STEM education system, special school timings, and schedule have been all crafted by some of the most experienced educators in the country keeping in mind the specific needs of the kids. It will no doubt help the children overcome the obstacles raised by their surroundings and bring out the best in them. Who knows, we might even many more "LeBron"s from among them, humans with hearts of gold!
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