Dear Business Owners!

DAEBOB provides you with a digital marketing suite to boost visibility online, making it easy for clients to find you in a community that is working hard to serve them better. We don’t only make it easy for you to promote your business, events and job opportunities. We even provide a platform where you can connect and thrive with other forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners.

 You gain so much when you choose DAEBOB! JUST A FEW BENEFITS:


DAEBOB provides the opportunity for you to obtain a powerful backlink to your website. It also provides an additional citation of your business to boost your relevance in major search engines such as Google.


We believe that the message of support for black businesses is outdated. Some assume they are forced to support businesses despite their quality of services. We change the rhetoric of support and encourage buyers to experience awesome products and services for their shopping pleasure.


We don’t believe that buying black is a ‘Us vs. Them’ politically charged conversation. We believe that buying black creates a world where everyone wins.

Black businesses have many dimensions available with which to build communities, provide jobs, and inspire the next generation and other great charitable causes. Reasonable people from all walks of life can take part in fulfilling some of their requirements whilst simultaneously, black-owned businesses thrive.


Directories for black-owned businesses are everywhere but are only as useful as the traffic they receive. Targeted traffic sets DAEBOB apart and we achieve this through active digital and offline marketing.


Every business owner on DAEBOB has the option to become a part of a community of business owners. As human beings, we thrive better and are more motivated in a community. Here we will have continued collaboration, networking, learning moments, training and so much more.


Within our community, you get access to some of the best mentors and trainers in their field. Each week, you will have the option to attend live online training on a wide cross-section of topics ranging from sales, marketing, accounting, event planning and much more.
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